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Calspan Secures 2024 Aviation Week Laureate Award for Revolutionary X-62A VISTA Project


Company News, Flight & Wind Tunnel

Calspan Named Finalist for Prestigious Collier Trophy for Pioneering Achievements in Aerospace


Mobility & Safety

Calspan Earns Highest TISAX Label for Information Security

Jun 8, 2017
WorldSID and RibEye are changing crash testing for the better
  • Company News, Mobility & Safety
To meet this growing demand, Calspan is investing in a group of testing…
May 9, 2017
Calspan Expands Barrier Testing Capability
  • Company News, Mobility & Safety
Calspan is pleased to announce the recent certification of its crash barrier…
Apr 18, 2017
ASTM 2656F Changes coming in 2017
  • Company News, Mobility & Safety
The rollout of ASTM2656f-17 is not set to a date yet; however, the changes that…
Aug 11, 2016
Roaming Crash Test Dummy
  • Mobility & Safety
Tour de THOR! THOR stands for Test Device for Human Occupational Restraint. This…
Jun 28, 2016
Calspan Successfully Completes Fight Test Program
  • Company News, Flight & Wind Tunnel
Calspan Aerospace has successfully completed a flight test program to…
Jun 14, 2016
Calspan Awarded $7.3M Contract with Army Corps of Engineers
  • Company News, Flight & Wind Tunnel
Calspan has been awarded a $7.3 million contract with the U.S. Army Corps of…
May 11, 2016
Calspan Teams with USAF Test Pilot School
  • Company News, Flight & Wind Tunnel
The Tacit Clear Test Management Project (TMP) is a Test Pilot School student-led…
May 16, 2012
Calspan Awarded Vista Contract
  • Company News, Flight & Wind Tunnel
Calspan Corp. was awarded a two-year, $6.2M contract for continued maintenance…