Flight & Wind Tunnel

Flight & Wind Tunnel

Autonomy Flight Testing
Autonomy Flight Testing
Subsonic to Supersonic Wind Tunnels
Subsonic to Hypersonic Tunnels
State-of-the-Art Facilities
State-of-the-Art Facilities
Flight & Wind Tunnel

Leading the Way for Aerodynamic Testing in the Air and on the Ground

Calspan Flight is a full-service flight test organization with a team of experimental test pilots, engineers, mechanics and technicians. Our team operates various jet-powered airborne testbeds and provides test support services for all programs, including autonomous flight testing. 

Calspan’s multiple wind tunnels operate continuously to produce high-quality data to reduce uncertainty. From subsonic to hypersonic, our wind tunnels can perform the speeds you need. Our agile teams are great collaborators who ensure customer tests proceed in an organized and timely manner. Throughout the testing process, we manage potential risks with our integrated model and test solutions. 


Wind Tunnel Testing

Our laboratory helps major OEMs verify and improve their designs.


Test Articles & Equipment


Wind Tunnel Design & Build

Supplier of wind tunnel facilities, components, and test services to organizations in government, industry, and academia.


Flight Test Services

Our full-time team of experimental test pilots, engineers, mechanics, and technicians stand ready to take your ideas to flight in one of our fleet of jet-powered airborne testbeds.

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