Test Articles & Equipment

Test Articles & Equipment

Wind Tunnel Test Article Proven Accuracy
Proven Accuracy
Wind Tunnel Test Article Reliable Data Collection
Reliable Data Collection
Wind Tunnel Test Article Precision Manufacturing
Precision Manufacturing
Aerospace Test Articles

Rich History of Design and Fabrication of Aerospace Test Articles

Calspan has supported the Aerospace Industry by providing test equipment design and manufacturing services for more than 50 years.

Our team in Newport News, Virginia provides engineering design and analysis services as well as manufacturing, assembly, instrumentation, testing and field support of our products.  Our experienced engineering and systems design team provides our customers with the right solutions for their most difficult and challenging issues and stands ready to provide global product support.


Wind Tunnel Models

Design, fabrication and instrumentation of wind tunnel models.


Static Stand Models

Design expertise and tools to provide a test model for your development efforts with close tolerances and enhanced design features.


Model Positioning System

Supply model positioning systems and data acquisition systems.


Force Measurement Systems

Force Measurement Systems | Design, development, fabrication, and calibration of strain-gaged balances of all types.


Flutter Exciter Systems

Supports aircraft OEMs and other customers in aircraft flight flutter clearance.


Flight Test Hardware

Design, fabrication and instrumentation of flight test hardware for aerospace.


Rotorcraft & DoD

Flight test, LRIP and production components for rotorcraft models.


Full Scale Models and Mock-ups

Full scale models for many vehicle types.


Composite Models and Components

Skill sets and in house capabilities for composite models and components.


Wind Tunnel Blades

A one-stop-shop solution for all blade needs.


Tunnel and Test Cell Hardware

Unique capabilities designing and fabricating wind tunnel and test cell hardware

Calspan's Test Article Services include

Expertise in wind tunnel test equipment and services including the design and fabrication of wind tunnel models, model positioning systems, rotor test stands and wind tunnel blades.

Support of the turbine engine OEM community includes the design, fabrication and instrumentation of turbomachinery rigs for fans, compressors, combustors and turbines.

Calspan’s Flutter Exciter Systems are the standard in the industry and have been in service for more than 25 years.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities have been developed to support a one-off product philosophy and provide quick turn service for prototype systems and components.

Calspan’s extensive machine shop capability combined with a composite fabrication shop allow us to provide a wide range of products and services utilizing multiple materials and manufacturing and processes. 

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