Emergency Medical Transport

Emergency Medical Transport

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State-of-the-Art Facility
Emergency Medical Transport

Getting Your New Ambulance or Transport Systems Approved

Calspan’s SLED Testing Facility has the right equipment & facility to allow ambulance & transport system manufacturers to test their new products efficiently & effectively. The ability to control the crash pulse through servo controlled braking system allows Calspan to deliver high-accuracy & highly repeatable test results to its customers.

SLED has the ability to run to any of the following ambulance test standards:

  • SAE Pulse Standards for US
    • SAE J2917 - Frontal Crash Pulse
    • SAE J2956 - Side Crash Pulse
    • SAE J3044 - Rear Crash Pulse
  • BN EN 1789 Standards for UK/Europe

Typical Emergency Transport Systems we test are:

  • Full Ambulance Bodies
  • Ambulance COT/Stretches & Floor Mount Systems
  • Passenger Seats
  • Cabinet Systems
  • Equipment Mounts

Calspan prides itself on being up-to-date with all industry standards, and membership to following professional industry organizations associated with this industry:


SLED is Calspan's new state of the art simulated crash testing facility. It houses two Servo Sleds, which are both capable of on demand pulse matching.

This 40,000+ sq/ft facility was designed and equipped utilizing customer input and perspective to ensure a testing experience of the highest quality.

With multiple customer preparation room, as well as devoted workspace fully equipped for preparing ambulance bodies or transport systems along with post-test troubleshooting.

SLED also features a high tech on-site ATD laboratory ensuring our high quality of certification, calibration, troubleshooting and repair when necessary.

Over 20,000 additional sq/ft of available storage space.

ISO:9001 certified facility with ISO:17025 accreditation for our laboratory procedures.

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