Demonstrator Engines

Demonstrator Engines

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Demonstrator Engines

Instrumentation and Assembly of Whole Demonstrator Engines

For over 20 years, Calspan has supported our aero engine customers by instrumenting and assembling demonstrator engines. As a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of turbomachinery test equipment, Calspan combines the ability to engineer, manufacture, instrument, and assemble engines and the equipment to adapt them to the engine test facility. We collaborate closely with our engine OEM development teams to solve the typical first (or early) engine to test technical issues as they arise. We have a large suite of generic build tooling and equipment, and the in-house capability to efficiently design and manufacture any special engine assembly tooling needed. Our team of expert engineers and instrumentation/assembly technicians are dedicated to meeting all of your development engine testing goals.

Demonstrator Engines - We often receive specialized parts from your engine parts suppliers and modify these parts to accept development instrumentation. We also design and manufacture special demonstrator engine parts in-house, apply the instrumentation to components and modules, and design and manufacture any special tooling and test equipment. Calspan has the capability and experience to build your development engine and ensure your successful test.

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