Dynamic Sled Testing

Dynamic Sled Testing

State-of-the-Art Facility
State-of-the-Art Facility
Trustworthy Experience
Trustworthy Experience
Superior Pulse Matching
Superior Pulse Matching
Dynamic Sled Testing

At Calspan Sled Testing, we combine state-of-the-art equipment with an experienced engineering team to ensure high-tier data acquisition for customers. Our new Sled facility holds industry-leading ServoSleds allowing us to pulse match your most severe crash pulses for superior test data in your development process.

Calspan’s facility can perform impacts in any direction, any angle you require. No matter the test, the two ServoSleds meet the most stringent and confidential test requirements. We utilize the right equipment and tools to test efficiently with minimal downtime.

Our sled team has been running tests for over 50 years resulting in one of the most experienced groups of project engineers. The team guides customers through the entire testing process to ensure reliable, repeatable results occur. Producing anything other than top-tier data is inconsistent with the Calspan way.

Sled Testing is one of the four units comprising the Calspan Automotive Campus.


Automotive Interiors & Seating

SLED Testing Facility to test vehicle seats, restraint & passive safety systems.


Electric Vehicle & Battery

High payload capacity and large sled carriage with flexibility to mount a wide range of battery packs.


Child Restraint Systems

Capability to run your car seat project for numerous test standards for Child Restraint Systems.


Aircraft & Mass Transit Seating

The latest Sled Technology allows testing of mass transit seating to specific crash pulse requirements.


Vehicle Accessories

Help accessory manufacturers to understand if their product would be safe for us in a vehicle.


Emergency Medical Transport

SLED has the ability to run to numerous ambulance test standards.


Airbag & restraint testing

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