ATD Qualification Services

ATD Qualification Services

ATD Certification

ATD Qualification Services

Calspan offers anthropomorphic test device (ATD) qualification test services. ATDs that Calspan can qualify include:

Child ATDs

  • Hybrid III 3, 6, and 10 year old,
  • P-Series, including newborn, P3/4, P1-1/2, P3, P6, P10
  • Q-Series, including the Q1.5, Q3, Q6, Q10 and the Q3S

Adult ATDs

  • Hybrid III 5th female, 50th and 95th male.
  • ES-2re and ES-2
  • SID-IIs
  • World-SID 50M
  • THOR 50M

Calspan will also house, maintain and certify a customer’s crash test dummies for immediate and convenient use in support of such customer’s testing at Calspan.

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