Aerotest Laboratory

Aerotest Laboratory

Wide-Ranging Resources
Adaptable Capabilities
Wide-Ranging Resources
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Wide-Ranging Resources
Wide-Ranging Resources
Calspan Aerotest Laboratory - Formerly FluiDyne

Industry-Leading Laboratory Facilities 

Calspan’s aerotest laboratory, located in Plymouth, MN, conducts wind tunnel testing, propulsion testing, test rig and subscale model building for aerodynamic vehicles and propulsion system development.


Exhaust Nozzle and Thrust Reverser Performance

World leader in accuracy


Inlet Performance: Pressure Recovery and Distortion

Inlet Particle Separation Efficiency Testing Specialists


Flow Calibrations: Test Bellmouths, Scale Model Inlet Ducts, Mass Flow Plugs

Accurate mass flow and thrust measurements


Aerodynamic Test Models

High temperature experts


Installed Heat Exchanger Performance

Combined aerodynamic and heat transfer performance


Probe and Sensor Testing

Whole rake tests for strut effects

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