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Due-Dilligence Testing of Vehicle Accessories

Calspan’s state of the art Sled Test Facility features two ServoSleds, the most capable sleds in the industry.

When it comes to Vehicle Accessories usually there is no specific test standard to which applies a pass/fail criteria, but we can use some of the existing standards for vehicles that are in place as a guidance and a "due-dillgence" for such accessory manufacturers to understand if their product would be safe for us in a vehicle.

Calspan is an industry leader in automotive safety testing and we hold paramount our customers need for efficient, repeatable and reliable test data. We pride ourselves in looking our Sled Testing from our customer's perspective, to ensure the experience of testing with Calspan is held to the same high standard as the data we produce for you.

SLED is Calspan's new state of the art simulated crash testing facility. It houses two Servo Sleds, which are both capable of on demand pulse matching.

This 40,000+ sq/ft facility was designed and equipped utilizing customer input and perspective to ensure a testing experience of the highest quality.

With multiple customer preparation room, as well as devoted workspace fully equipped for preparing your products or working through post-test troubleshooting.

SLED also features a high tech on-site ATD laboratory ensuring our high quality of certification, calibration, troubleshooting and repair when necessary.

Over 20,000 additional sq/ft of available storage space.

ISO 9001 certified facility with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for our laboratory procedures.

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