A Unique and Innovative Culture

Be Calspan

At Calspan, we promote an environment that empowers employees and encourages innovation. Our management team enables a strong sense of teamwork with each endeavor, where successes are shared and lessons are learned. The company’s talent brand, “Be Calspan”, incorporates our company values to Be Inclusive, Accountable and Innovative and our commitment to drive every individual to - Be Developed, Be Balanced, Be Connected, Be Community and Be Recognized. Our culture promotes a positive atmosphere and competitive can-do method of action. There is a pride and a sense of ownership engrained in each of our employees with every task set before them.



At Calspan, we do whatever it takes to ensure our customer is satisfied. The fabric of our culture is also reflected in our three company values: Be Inclusive, Be Accountable and Be Innovative. Employees understand what is expected of them and focus on achieving individual goals and facilitating team success. We work hard, and once we’ve achieved our goal, we also celebrate success.


We have developed a unique and innovative culture at Calspan based on the five tenets of our employee value proposition: Be Connected, Be Developed, Be Balanced, Be Community, Be Recognized, and Be Vigilant. By stimulating a positive environment, embracing our values and recognizing employee contributions, we enjoy collective success.

Be Connected means:

  • Focusing on internal communication
  • Openly sharing information
  • Timely sharing of information
  • Sharing across all business units
  • Sharing information in a transparent / open forum

Be Developed means:

  • Employees focusing on what they do and how they do it, along with what and how they can perform better
  • Working on minimizing the effect of gap areas and strengthening talent areas
  • Supporting employee’s desire to grow and increasing their abilities to contribute


Be Balanced means:

  • Time balance
  • Wellness balance
  • Activity balance

Be Recognized means:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Comprehensive benefit offerings
  • Recognition programs
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Reward programs

Be Community means:

  • Providing opportunities for employees to give back to their communities
  • Leveraging the benefits of a group of employees to be good citizens and supportive of our neighbors
  • Remaining committed to being responsible corporate citizens

Be Vigilant means:

  • Committing to take proactive measures to mitigate risk throughout our business and to maintain safe, compliant, and secure operations
  • Safety Programs
  • Security Programs
  • Compliance Programs
  • Quality Programs
Do you have what it takes to BE CALSPAN?