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Tire Modeling Services

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Custom model development
Tire Modeling Services

Tire Models to Support the Virtual Development Process

Through the use of vehicle simulation, fewer prototypes need to be built and a better end product can be developed in shorter time – but to accurately simulate a vehicle, its tires’ behavior must be accurately simulated as well.

Calspan has vast experience in testing tires for tire modeling purposes. In fact, many tire model formulations have been developed based on Calspan data. The forces generated in the contact patches of a tire play a critical role in a vehicle’s overall performance and stability. We test for most types of tire models: such as Pacejka/Magic Formula and more complex models like SWIFT, F-Tire, and CDTire. Calspan designs test programs based on the model’s application to generate the most relevant data and ensure high-fidelity.

Thanks to capabilities of our machine, the test programs almost never have to be designed around its limitations. Instead, tires are tested in the most relevant conditions, resulting in better data for the tire modelling process.


Tire Modeling

  • Calspan has the expertise to collect tire data to create any type of tire model that can be used in full vehicle simulation durability, ride and handling simulations.
  • Calspan’s experienced tire engineers can help design tire test procedures that ensure accurate and efficient collection of tire data for specific customer needs.
  • We provide in-depth support by measuring, analyzing and characterizing any aspect of tire performance.

Testing Software

  • Calspan’s secure test database tracks every single tire, test procedure, test run and data file.
  • Calspan’s data analysis and visualization tools, used by ourselves and our customers, feature an intuitive interface that makes it easy to investigate data within seconds of the test being finished.
  • Quality algorithms automatically detect any deviations during a test to ensure all data is collected as intended.
  • Calspan’s Intelligent Testing Software is a flexible software platform used to control the test machine.
  • Calspan’s software group can provide custom software development services to support tire data analysis tasks and custom procedure controls.


Calspan customers that engage our expertise in the areas Tire Modeling receive innumerable benefits, including:

  • Knowing all their data is secure, organized and can be easily accessed at any time.
  • Having full insight into the testing process and the ability to make changes at a moment’s notice.
  • Taking advantage of our use of real-time feedback and logics engines, which allow us to control test procedures by the output of the tire and results in higher quality data and more efficient testing.
  • Receiving data in all commonly used tire data and model formats, such as ASCII, TYDEX and TIR, plus knowing we also support custom formats.
  • Reducing the need for uncertain extrapolation when using a tire model in vehicle simulation.
  • Enjoying easy travel to our facility and amenities like dedicated workstations in direct proximity to test operators and test engineers, or participate remotely through our Test-From-Your-Desk Virtual testing solution.
  • Taking advantage of our team’s expertise, professionalism and flexibility.

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