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Rotorcraft components

Fabrication of Rotorcraft Flight Components

Calspan has a rich history of providing flight test, LRIP and production components for many rotorcraft models and types. Our wide ranging skill sets and in house capabilities have allowed us to support programs from simple composite layups to complex assemblies that are highly integrated with other vehicle systems. Calspan has supplied prototype IR suppressors, RCS surrogates, gearbox oil cooling duct assemblies, and composite external fuel pods and FLIR covers. These programs supported armed services branches as well as OEMs. Initial prototype test components are often transitioned to LRIP and then into production. We are agile, flexible and comfortable with low order quantities. We do not require volume in the hundreds or even thousands to support your program needs. Our innovative tooling approaches can reduce first unit lead time by months over castings or other hard tooling.


Design and fabrication of all types of wind tunnel models and equipment.

Expertise in fixed wing, rotorcraft, space and hypersonic models.

Model weight and balance is optimized through the use of both metal and composite components.

The use of additive manufacturing processes for both metal and plastic components lowers costs and reduces model lead times.

Complete fabrication is performed in our 93,000 sq.ft. facility including machining, assembly, instrumentation, inspection and model buy-off.

Design and fabrication services are available for wind tunnel related equipment including: model positioning systems, fan and compressor blades, and tunnel upgrade and overhaul services.

Wind tunnel testing can be performed at Calspan’s Transonic Wind Tunnel in Buffalo, New York.

  • Facility
    • 93,000 square foot secured facility
  • Quality
    • AS9100/ISO9001
    • NADCAP
  • Manufacturing
  • CNC summary
  • Autoclaves
  • Clean rooms
  • Instrumentation lab
  • Large assembly areas

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