Advancing the State-of-the-Art
Advancing the State-of-the-Art
Enabling Rapid System Development
Enabling Rapid System Development
Specialized Expertise in Test & Evaluation
Specialized Expertise in Test & Evaluation
Hypersonic Development


The rapid development of hypersonic systems is recognized to be a national priority for the US and it’s allies. Calspan Advanced Solutions (formerly ACEnT Laboratories) plays a key role in contributing to the advancement of hypersonic system development and testing leveraging decades of unique and specialized experience. 

Company core competencies span the full spectrum of activities ranging from early-stage research and development at the subsystem and technology level to supporting full scale flight demonstrator programs. 

With a focus on ground and flight hardware design, analysis, manufacture and testing, we specialize in complex systems intended to produce and/or endure extremely high temperature and pressure environments.

Applied RDT&E

Specialized experience in hypersonic system development and ground and flight test.

Flight Testing

Sounding rockets and surplus missiles to flight test ramjet and scramjet components and systems.

High Speed Test Articles

High quality hypersonic test hardware.

Test Facilities & Test Support

Hardware and system development improving the US hypersonic test infrastructure.

Wind Tunnel Design & Build

Calspan FluiDyne wind tunnel design & build is the world’s top supplier of wind tunnel facilities, components and test services.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of testing in North America's only independently-owned and operated wind tunnel.

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