Calspan Respect’s our Role to Reduce Environmental Impact

At Calspan, we promote an environment that empowers employees and encourages innovation. Our management team enables a strong sense of teamwork with each endeavor, where successes are shared and lessons are learned. The company’s talent brand, “Be Calspan”, incorporates our company values to Be Inclusive, Accountable and Innovative and our commitment to drive every individual to - Be Developed, Be Balanced, Be Connected, Be Community and Be Recognized. Our culture promotes a positive atmosphere and competitive can-do method of action. There is a pride and a sense of ownership engrained in each of our employees with every task set before them.

Calspan’s Culture encompasses not only the lives we touch but impacts the environment we share. We understand that as a member of global and local communities, it is our responsibility to implement environmentally sustainable business practices. We’d like to continue serving our customers sustainably, leaving the environments and communities where we operate in a better state than we found them. We want to do right by using renewable energy sources, reducing our carbon footprint, responsibly sourcing, diminishing waste, improving recycling practices, planning full test life cycle, and making responsible choices on energy consumption. We’ve implemented a broad range of sustainability measures and continue to improve our sustainability efforts.

Each Calspan facility is dedicated to improving recycling programs and waste management systems. We adhere to regional regulations across the globe to ensure clean soil, air and water local operations do not negatively impact our communities’ safe drinking water.

Calspan continually streamlines testing processes to decrease waste as our standard operating procedure and has done so for decades. We consider a component’s full lifecycle from design to production to test use to assure that our equipment not only performs well but also is environmentally friendly. Calspan engineers take a hard look at our test systems to optimize energy usage, reduced usage of cleaning products as much as possible over every test. . This can be especially difficult to optimize performance, technology, functionality and sustainability, but we’re up to the challenge. Our environment is worth the effort.