Tests to Evolving Standards

Tests to Evolving Standards

Vehicle Crash Testing
Tests to Evolving Standards

Tests to Evolving Standards

Calspan is an independent test laboratory and has extensive experience executing vehicle crash tests to the latest test protocols and those being proposed by regulatory bodies and safety authorities.

In the case of tests being developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Calspan was awarded a research contract to conduct tests including the Frontal Oblique test procedure because of Calspan's specialized test equipment and intrinsic knowledge using both the 50th percentile male Test Device for Human Occupant Restraint (THOR) and WorldSID with RibEye.

Calspan also has unique facility and equipment capabilities to conduct tests to IIHS and EuroNCAP test protocols just implemented or being proposed.

When Calspan executes a vehicle crash test, it takes the approach of “running the test as it was being run for itself.” Put another way, Calspan’s highly skilled and experienced personnel sweat the details to make sure everything is just right before running a test.  This includes following its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 process that establishes ownership, accountability and secondary quality checks at key milestones before the process can proceed.

There are innumerable benefits that customers receive when working with Calspan.  A few of these include Calspan’s ability to:

  • Work as a collaborative and flexible partner.
  • Develop a test plan; which includes advice and specific recommendations.
  • Willingness to make investments in support of large vehicle development programs.
  • Design and fabricate custom test fixtures and equipment.
  • Provide test data in a customer’s specific / native format.
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