Aircraft & Mass Transit Seating

Aircraft & Mass Transit Seating

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State-of-the-Art Facility
Aircraft & Mass Transit Seating

Testing for Safety of Aircraft & Mass Transit Seating

Calspan’s state of the art Sled Test Facility features two ServoSleds, the most capable sleds in the industry.

Having access to this latest Sled Technology allows manufacturers of mass transit seating (aircraft, railcar, bus) to test in an efficient & effective manner to specific crash pulse requirements. The ability to control the crash pulse through servo controlled braking system allows Calspan to deliver high-accuracy & highly repeatable test results to its customers.

For Aircraft Seating, we are capable of running testing to any of the following standards:

  • 14 CFR 23.562 (part 23): Normal Category Airplanes
  • 14 CFR 25.562 (part 25): Transport Category Airplanes
  • 14 CFR 27.562 (part 27): Normal Category Rotorcraft
  • 14 CFR 29.562 (part 29): Transport Category Rotorcraft

Contact us directly regarding the list of test standards for other mass transit seating.

SLED is Calspan's new state of the art simulated crash testing facility. It houses two Servo Sleds, which are both capable of on demand pulse matching.

This 40,000+ sq/ft facility was designed and equipped utilizing customer input and perspective to ensure a testing experience of the highest quality.

With multiple customer preparation room, as well as devoted workspace fully equipped to properly prepare seating for testing along with post-test tear-down and analysis. The space also allows for on-the-fly modifications to be made to the seats to continue on with testing needs and keep projects on-schedule.

Over 20,000 additional sq/ft of available storage space.

ISO:9001 certified facility with ISO:17025 accreditation for our laboratory procedures.

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