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Aerodynamic Expertise
Aerodynamic Expertise
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14x14 meter test cell

Calspan is a licensed test cell provider of engine test facilities and systems to GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, and CFMI.


Aerodynamic Expertise

Under the guidance of a renowned thought leader, the Calspan Aero/Thermal/Acoustics team leverages computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software and a host of proprietary analytical tools to accurately predict the aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic performance of test cells prior to facility construction.

These analytical tools and advanced CFD software offer a proven means of resolving complex test cell air-flow physics, optimizing designs for test cell renovation, reducing noise — and even increasing the engine testing capacity of existing facilities.

Applying equations from more than 200 performance parameters, our test cell airflow model helps determine test cell pumping efficiency, flow velocities and temperatures at various locations in the test cell flow stream.


AeroAcoustic Solutions

A leader in design, construction, and support of engine test facilities.


AeroDAC Propulsion®

ASE2000 flexible system with new hardware and capabilities.


Engine Test Adapters

Engine adapters designed for OEM requirements, quality standards, and trouble free installation and service.


Engine Test Nacelle Equipment

Licensed by CFMI (GE/Safran Joint Venture) to manufacture and design products.


Aftermarket Service

Support facilities we design and build long after project completion.

We provide the full array of proven, state-of-the-art engine test components and software — all of which set the industry standard for quality and reflect our commitment to continuous improvement of installed Calspan test equipment.

Calspan products are designed to serve as building blocks to meet both your current and future testing needs. They support all types of aero and industrial turbine engines, along with other engine types that operate at the extreme of their envelopes.

Calspan Products Set The Industry Standard.

Calspan test cell products include:

  • Engine test adapters
  • Thrust stands/beds
  • Trim balance and vibration systems
  • Throttles
  • Mechanical systems (air, fuel, engine wash, oil)
  • Engine handling systems
  • Test nacelle equipment
  • AeroDAC Propulsion® Data Acquisition and Control System
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