Focus on Communication

An important aspect of this collaboration is open communication, starting from the moment we receive a customer inquiry. Whether it be by email or by phone, we will respond promptly and:

  • Listen to your engineering design and testing needs
  • Understand your program objectives, timeframe and budget
  • Make recommendations based on our experience, so that you receive the highest degree of quality data, in the shortest period of time and for the best possible value
  • Follow up as necessary based on this initial discussion by a team member from Management, Business Development, Engineering, or Contracts Administration
  • Issue either a quotation or formal proposal, depending on the complexity of your program

Once we receive a purchase order or other form of formal communication to initiate your program, Calspan will assign a Program Manager to work with you. This individual will work in partnership with you to establish critical requirements, required deliverables, and a schedule that accommodates your engineering design and testing needs. During these discussions, your Program Manager can provide, if needed, recommended hotels with Calspan preferred rates and information about local attractions, sporting events, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. to enhance your visit. If you are flying into the Buffalo Niagara International Airport we can also pick you up and drop you off.

Welcome to Calspan

When you arrive at Calspan, you will be greeted and provided with an overview of our security policy, detailing items like camera use (including phones) and the protocol for visitors who are not U.S. citizens. Calspan takes the confidentiality of every program very seriously and exercises different levels of protection based on the needs of each and every program. Afterward, you will be provided with security badges and greeted by your Program Manager. This individual will be your escort and prime contact throughout your stay at Calspan.

Customer areas include amenities to help make your visit as comfortable and productive as possible. Calspan provides observation areas to witness testing and customer conference rooms for confidential discussions. Within these areas are whiteboards, speaker phones, secure Wi-Fi high speed Internet access, and secure access to Calspan’s FTP site. The location and arrangement of these rooms also provides you with free and open access to engineers and technicians, further promoting open communication as we strive to make our customers feel part of the process.

Other amenities include:

  • Kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator fully stocked with water, soda and snacks
  • Large LCD monitors for reviewing data, including photos and video
  • Whiteboards and flipcharts to facilitate group discussions
  • LCD televisions with Direct TV for those who want to keep abreast of news, sports, etc.
  • Onsite fitness center
  • Lunch and dinner (based on customer needs and timing of testing)

Test at your Desk

Calspan brings our lab to you. Watch your test happening at Calspan from anywhere you can connect to the internet. With our new and improved, highly secure hi-definition cameras, this service will allow you to watch your test live from the comfort of your desk or while on the road. The service will allow you to have real-time visibility to our team during set-up and will save you time and money on travel expenses so you can witness the test from your desk, all while being delivered via a highly secure system.