8T Transonic Wind Tunnel

8T Continuous Flow Variable Density Transonic Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Testing
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State of the Art Facility
8 x 8 ft Transonic Wind Tunnel
Reduce Risk
8 x 8 ft Transonic Wind Tunnel

Highly Capable Transonic Wind Tunnel

  • Mach Operating Range: 0.2-1.30
  • Max Transonic Reynolds Number 4x106/ft [12x106/m]
  • Max Subsonic Reynolds Number 8x106/ft [24x106/m]
  • Up to 50,000 ft [15,000 m] Simulated Altitude
  • Stagnation pressures of 0.25 to 3.25 Atmospheres

Secure and compliant. We keep your information safe.


Performance, Stability, and Control

Fastest builder of aero model databases.


Captive/Store Loads

Assess stored loads and their effect on aircraft control authority.


Component, Endurance, and Qualification Testing

Test your full scale Ram Air Turbine or Pod.


Inlet Optimization

Capture up to 1,024 static pressures and 96 unsteady pressures.


Internal/External Separation

State of the art data acquisition and control system.


Jet Effects Assessment


Pressure and Loads

Study the impact of various inlet mass flow rates.

Our People Make Us Agile

Agility means more data per hour because our people respond quickly and efficiently 

  • Expertise across shifts
  • Issues resolved quickly
  • Processes and Incident Reports
  • Standard processes accomplished correctly, and we continue to improve
  • Model/Instrumentation
  • Issues resolved quickly
  • Real-Time Refinement of Testing
  • Run matrix changed and optimized during test
  • Quick Data Processing Changes
  • Customized with quick changes

Scheduling Approach

  • Locks in Your Test Date
  • Reduces Risk
  • Premium Slots Available

Locked in testing dates reduce program risk

  • Standard availability actively communicate
  • Premium testing slots available for urgent needs
  • Testing slot secured with PO
  • Block Buy Options to secure slots in advance
  • We schedule by date, not by sequence
  • Rapid and thoughtful response to RFQ’s

Agility means More Data per hour because Our Tunnel Responds Quickly

  • Agility means more data per hour because our tunnel responds quickly and efficiently.
  • Quick tunnel density changes.
  • We quickly adjust tunnel density to maintain Reynolds number or static pressure.
  • Quick change over times.
  • We perform model changes and come back to your test conditions quickly.

High Quality Data

Data Repeatability - Primary measure of quality

  • Single piece high-capacity balances improve temperature stability
  • New cooling towers improve tunnel temperature control
  • Test methods to achieve run speed and repeatability requirements
  • Calibration models, flow surveys, and static pipe measurement conducted
  • at regular intervals ensure consistency (Latest 2020)

Data Usability - Applicability to full-scale Testing

  • 8’x8’ test section allows larger-scale models that better represent actual aircraft
  • Mach Number of 0.2 to 1.30 captures critical transonic speeds
  • A broad range of altitudes and Reynolds numbers with stagnation pressure of 0.25 to 3.25 atm.
  • Corrections for tunnel-induced effects
  • Supplemental flow visualization provides insight
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