66” x 66” Transonic Wind Tunnel

66” x 66” Transonic Wind Tunnel

Thrust Minus Drag Testing
Thrust Minus Drag Testing
Inlet Flow Testing
Inlet Flow Testing
Wind Tunnel Testing
External Flow Assessments
66" x 66" Transonic Wind Tunnel

Channel 10 Transonic Wind Tunnel

The Channel 10 test facility is an atmospheric inlet blow-down wind tunnel capable of delivering velocities in the test section over a range from Mach 0.1 to 1.05 and a specific set point at Mach 1.2. The test section is 66 x 66 inches (1.67m square) and has ventilated upper and lower walls. Motive force is provided by high speed air ejectors downstream of the test section that accelerates air from atmosphere into the test section.

This is Additional Detail and Technical Information

Test Section Size: 66 x 66 inches ( 1.67 meters)

Mach Number: 0 to 1.0 (Additional M = 1.2 condition set point also available)

Reynolds Number (per foot): 4.2M @ M = 1.0

Operating pressure: 1 atm total pressure

Operating temp.: Nominal 100°F @ M = 1.0

Force Balances:

  • (1 to 5 component) Nozzle thrust-minus-drag
  • (1 to 3 component) Afterbody drag
  • (3 component)  Sidewall mounted wing
  • (1 component)  Inlet drag
  • (1 to 6 component) Floor-mounted

Torque Balance: Spinning afterbody/propfan tests



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