22” x 22” Transonic Wind Tunnel

22” x 22” Transonic Wind Tunnel

Thrust Minus Drag Testing
Thrust Minus Drag Testing
Wind Tunnel Testing
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Transonic Wind Tunnel
Probe Calibrations
22" x 22" Transonic Wind Tunnel

Channel 5 Transonic Wind Tunnel

The Channel 5 test facility is an atmospheric inlet blow-down wind tunnel capable of delivering velocities in the test section up to Mach 1.2 external flow. The test section is 22 x 22 inches (0.312m square) and has ventilated upper and lower walls. Motive force is provided by high speed air ejectors downstream of the test section that accelerates air from atmosphere into the test section.

Can be used to evaluate exhaust system performance with air, and acoustics with the use of helium in the core passage of a nozzle simulation. Typical exhaust system models are mounted on the 5 inch diameter air supply sting. A three component force balance measures thrust, normal force, and pitching moment. An ASME flow meter determines the mass flow delivered to the model and the momentum needed for the force balance equation.

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