Inlet Optimization

Inlet Optimization

Mass flow plug
Mass flow plug available
Air Supply
15 lbs/second air supply
Wind Tunnel Testing
Secondary low volume air
Forebody Inlet Optimization

Calspan Provides Unique Solutions to achieve your Inlet Testing Goals

Calspan’s Fore Body Inlet Optimization provides data for total pressure recovery, distortion, stability characteristics and primary/ECS/bleed air simulation.

Ejector augmentation/ mass flow plug system used to control mass flow(s).

Up to 15 lb.-m/sec can be provided at proportionally lower supply pressures.

Secondary low volume air control option (0.02 to 0.1 lb.-m/sec) for secondary or tertiary flow.

We capture up to 1,024 static pressures and 96 unsteady pressures (AIP Rake(s), inlet surface, etc.).

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