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Calspan’s Sled Lab has always maintained its focus on providing the best customer experience while testing. This means not only providing manufacturers with the most accurate and consistent data, but also with the right tools to execute the job. 

This past month, Calspan introduced a new service to Sled Lab customers, live streaming of test set up using a Nest Cam. This new technology allows customers who are unable to be on-site to securely witness the test set up of their product on the Calspan sled.  The 4k camera also allows users to zoom in and out of the view of the test bench, ensuring proper set up prior to executing the test. 

In addition to this new capability, Calspan has also invested in other resources for customers who visit our lab in Buffalo, NY.  The Drader InjectiWeld W300000 plastic welding machine is now available to customers for use in our designated workspace. This machine allows customers who are developing a new product to make quick, high-quality revisions to the plastic components.

Having the ability to make changes right in our lab and then test them immediately gives customers instant feedback, severely reducing the amount of time and resources it might otherwise take to reproduce a full prototype of a slightly modified product. Calspan has added this welder to an ever-growing collection of tools for customer use, including a sewing machine, fully stocked tool bench, and workbench. 

This month, the Calspan Sled Lab will be extending the workday to 12 hours to better serve our customer’s need, making it easy to accomplish more tests within one day of operation. Just another way Calspan is reacting to customers needs. 

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