The Channel 7 and Channel 12 cold flow static thrust test stands at Calspan's Aero Test Laboratory are used primarily for measuring exhaust nozzle performance without external flow. Models with single or multiple passages can be tested utilizing multi-component force balances along with pressure and temperature measurements.

These channels are very flexible and quickly adaptable for testing a wide variety of engine exhaust systems, thrust reversers and other engine devices having an effect on nozzle performance. Calspan has also developed techniques for controlled simulation of swirl and total pressure to determine their effect on thrust efficiency.

Several upgrades have been applied to these facilities to improve measurement accuracy including:

Dual separate flow reference (DSFR) nozzle used for facility verification.

  • Force balance flexure design updates for sensitivity improvements.
  • Pressure and temperature control system automation upgrades for productivity enhancements.
  • A new developed data system for allowing simultaneous synchronized measurement, revised processing, and automated stability determination.
  • Application of the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Dual Separate Flow Reference Nozzle for pre-test and post-test checkouts

Calspan's aerodynamic testing capabilities help enable engine, aerostructure, and airframe OEMs to meet subsonic and supersonic propulsion performance goals in pursuit of long-term environmental benefits to air travel.


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