Have you taken any action since NHTSA released information about the New Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for the Child Restraint / Car Seat FMVSS 213 Standard?  If not, you might want to think about how this will affect your seat.  

The most significant change is a new test bench, which will likely affect the performance of child restraint systems compared to the current FMVSS 213 standard. This change in performance may result in currently compliant seats becoming non-compliant under new regulations, causing problems for child car seat manufacturers by potentially seriously impacting product safety and risking compliance. 

With an uncertain future the compliance of these seats - you can still plan ahead for these regulation changes. 

Here’s what we know and how we can help:

Why is this change being made -- 

NHTSA is proposing the upgrade for No. 213 Frontal Impact Tests for Child Restraint Systems (CRS) to make testing more representative of a child seat for use in modern vehicles. 

When can we expect the change -- 

It is unknown exactly when the change will happen, but it is on the horizon and something that seat manufacturers should consider testing sooner rather than later to determine the impact on seats on the market and those being developed.

What we know this far -- 

Calspan has the proposed seat, which is available for testing immediately 

How can you be prepared for the change -- 

Calspan has recently developed a new Data and Video Analysis Tool which allows for a detailed side-by-side comparison of two different sled runs. With this software, our customers can identify critical, but often subtle, differences in performance between two different test articles, such as child seats. This creates a more efficient test environment, and helps to adapt quickly to the NPRM.

This special setup will allow you to easily assess the injury criteria and excursion limits of your seats on the new bench compared to the current standard. This opportunity provides a true "apples to apples" comparison to help understand the impact of the new bench and how it impacts your products, giving you a head start on new designs to bring to market.

As an expert in Dynamic Sled Testing, Calspan is ready to support the needs of innovative manufacturers in this industry. Whether it’s for research, product development, or verification, we have the ability to execute standardized and custom tests.

Contact us today to schedule your test or for a live demonstration.

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