Calspan to present new measurement and analysis methods to characterize dynamic tire deflections at this year’s Tire Technology Conference

The Tire Technology Expo and Conference is the premier showcase for the global tire design, development, and manufacturing industry. This three day event brings together the industry’s best, featuring over 180 presentations, six specialist courses, and over 290 exhibiting companies. This year, Calspan’s Henning Olsson will present a new method to measure dynamic tire deflection and how this data is being used to help make the vehicle’s of tomorrow more efficient.

Calspan is home to the world’s most powerful flat track tire testing machine. Together with its highly experienced team, Calspan’s tire research facility helps innovators measure and understand tire performance and characteristics for all types of tires, including those used on automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and aircraft. At the conference, Henning will be presenting recent research on measuring and characterizing tire deflection. The external shape of a tire changes significantly with operating conditions such as speed, load, and inflation pressure. Using dynamic measurements of tire surfaces, Calspan has developed a method to correlate operating conditions with external tire surface deflection. This type of data, which until now has been difficult measure, helps vehicle manufacturers to perform more accurate aerodynamic simulations. This in turn helps to reduce aerodynamic drag of the vehicle, resulting in better fuel economy, or in the case of electric vehicles a longer range.

Even though this is a new type of tire modelling, Calspan has vast experience in testing tires for tire modelling purposes. In fact, many tire model formulations have been developed based on Calspan data. Calspan provides the global automotive industry with a wide range of different tire models, such as the Pacejka/Magic Formula and FTire. Thanks to capabilities of Calspan’s flat track machine, the test programs almost never have to be designed around machine limitations. Instead, tires are tested in the most relevant conditions, resulting in better data for the tire modeling process.

Henning Olsson’s presentation is at 2:50pm on February 21, 2018 as part of the simulation modelling and testing + conclusion track at the conference. Stop by to learn more about advances being made to vehicle simulation through tire research. To learn more about Calspan’s tire research capabilities.

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