Calspan is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new state-of-the-art, 40,000+ sq/ft occupant safety and automotive component development testing laboratory. This secure facility will be utilized to perform crashworthiness testing for vehicle interiors, seating, restraint systems, child seats, and related accessories. The test lab features new 3.1 Meganewton (MN) and 1.0 MN servo sleds that allow Calspan’s customers to bring new and innovative products to market, which will ultimately help to reduce injuries and fatalities on roads all over the world.  Calspan’s investment in the 3.1 MN sled provides the most powerful and most precise independent sled testing capability available in North America.




Calspan President Greg Campbell stated, "The new test lab gives our technical experts the advanced test facilities and equipment to provide our customers high fidelity data in a secure environment.  The laboratory was designed to enable Calspan’s customers to accelerate the design and development of their products.  We invested in this lab to enable Calspan to remain at the forefront of automotive safety testing."

This new sled test laboratory is located adjacent to Calspan's headquarters and existing test centers. With decades of experience in automotive safety testing and data collection, Calspan's mission is to be the premier independent provider of technology development services and systems in the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries. 

Mark Parisi, Vice President of Transportation, Calspan, stated, "We are excited to continue our active investment in automotive safety and Western New York. We can bring together highly technical staff and advanced technologies to create safer roads and deliver higher accuracy test data. This new facility further expands our need for technical expertise and allows us to attract and retain that talent." Calspan’s investment in the new test lab will facilitate the creation of 20 new technology-based jobs based in Western New York.




"We are blessed to have owners that continue to maintain a vision and commitment to the long-term success of Calspan," said Peter Sauer, President and CEO of Calspan Holdings. "This investment is yet another tangible demonstration of Lou Knotts’ and John Yurtchuk's continued support in positioning Calspan for the next chapters in its rich heritage while providing great opportunities for the outstanding employees at Calspan.”

With decades of experience in automotive safety testing and data collection, Calspan remains focused on providing the highest quality test data for its customers using the best tools available.  Constructing this cutting-edge automotive safety testing lab will keep Calspan at the forefront of testing next-generation vehicles for years to come.


About Calspan

For more than 75 years, Calspan has provided independent research, development, and testing services in the aerospace and automotive industries. Internationally recognized for safety research and innovation, Calspan works with leading aerospace and automotive companies domestically and globally. The company also designs and manufactures wind tunnels, jet engine test cells and test rigs, along with a variety of aerospace testing devices including wind tunnel models and balances. The company's headquarters is located in Buffalo, NY, with additional operations in Niagara Falls, NY, Ronkonkoma, NY, Newport News, VA, San Diego, CA, and St. Paul, MN.

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